Super Earth with a View

Super Earth with a View

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Medium: Acrylic and Spray Paint On Canvas

Dimensions: 72" x 72"


Theory: I wanted to create a vision of what a habitable Super-Earth  and its night sky might look like. From my view, the Planet is eclipsing its parent star. Briefly dimming it's light to reveal a busy and vibrant Cosmic Network. Viewed from the surface of it's third and farthest Moon. 

Below, at the bottom right there is a Nebula. Forming future stars out of Hydrogen and Helium. Circling out to the left is a newly-formed Galaxy. Pulling and swirling tendrils of gas from his origin Nebula with an ever-growing mess of newly-formed stars and gas. With enough gravity to bend light and warp time. Just one view, one still shot, from one spinning Moon, rotating around one spinning Planet, rotating around one spinning solar system, in the outskirts of just one Galaxy, in just one Universe.