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Paradise Portal  Tote Bag
Paradise Portal  Tote Bag
Paradise Portal  Tote Bag

Paradise Portal Tote Bag

Erica Elliott

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An original watercolor Erica painted in January 2021 for her Palm Beach Memories Series which are all painted in Palm Beach County, Florida.  When one walks along the Town of Palm Beach's lake trail under the Flagler Memorial Bridge, the city of West Palm Beach's skyline shimmers across the intercoastal waterway.  This body of water separates the barrier island from the main land.   The locals call it the North Bridge at it is the most Northern access point  onto the tiny barrier island. 

The painted perspective is like a little time capsule or portal to another place and time.  The yellow pedestrian arrow is actually there and it reminds the artist of a seminal oil painting of Andrew Wyeth with a yellow curvy road sign as the focal point of a sloping downward road.

Erica started this series in late 2015 when she poignantly began documenting architectural and horticultural points of beauty, many of her subjects now only exist in paint as they have been razed or renovated.  The series serves as a touching reminder that the great writer Thomas Wolfe was right, "One can never go home again."  For nothing is ever as it was.


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