Our Mission

We are an art gallery and studio workspace dedicated to support local emerging artists. An emerging artist is someone who has created a modest body of independent work, but hasn’t yet established a solid reputation as an artist among galleries, critics, etc. Our locations are 100, 108, 114 N. County Road Palm Beach, Florida 33480. It is a place where emerging artists can thrive, work, display and sell their creations, and where admirers and patrons can interact with artists; observe the creative process; be inspired; and purchase their work. Additionally, these emerging artists can sell their original works online as well implement their works onto phone cases, pillows, or whatever they so choose. This platform is designed for artists to emerge and spread the love of art, regardless of status quo. If you are an emerging artist and interested in renting exhibit or studio space at our locations OR selling your works online, visit http://www.viaartprojects.com/home