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Brand Mission Statement

The Erica S. Elliott® Brand was first inspired in Palm Beach, Florida
circa 2018
About the Artist-Author-Entrepreneur
Erica S. Elliott
Erica is a creator at heart.  She has an unusual set of gifts.  As a prominent tax advisor, author and artist, she finds great joy in creating order from chaos and inspiring others through art and writing.  When other people get dizzy with numbers, she sees clarity and creates profitable practical magic.  She finds great joy in making art with her hands, whether that be with a pen, brush, fingers or a keyboard.

She was brought up in an unorthodox yet loving household:  friendly with Healers and finding purpose through human connection.  This upbringing allowed her to see people, circumstances and things in her own unique perspectives.  Which you find reflected here in her art.  Her early memories were falling in love with words, drawing and numbers, all symbols that can point us along the mystical journey of life.

She believes that ALL have the divine spark of creation shining inside, therefore she actively supports others as they emerge into their light via new endeavors. She encourages everyone to find and recognize their unique, diverse gifts, no matter how many they carry.  Yes you too can do and be many things, when you are true to yourself!
Shannon Putt
Marketing Director & Agent
With a lifetime of marketing experience and a degree in communications, Shannon applies her expertise to product development and design. She serves as Erica S. Elliott's agent representative and markets the brand. Leave us feedback if are looking for a specific product to wrap in Erica's inspiring art!
Brand Mission Statement 
To provide an adventurous place to shop where original thought and work is applied to apparel, accessories and home goods.
Dedicated to keeping the flames of creativity roaring with radiance in each and everyone of us.
The Erica S. Elliott® Brand aims to creatively contribute
to the vibration of divine healing energy.
As we send love and light rippling across eternity,
we affect  past, present and future events
unbeknownst to ourselves. 
Onward we go!
Via Art Projects®